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Josh Taub
From New York City to San Francisco to Las Vegas and back to the east coast again, Josh has been everywhere and done it all. For almost 15 years he worked as an actor, director, producer and writer all over Manhattan – most notably co-creating and starring in the Fuse series The P.A in 2006 and 2007. While living out west In 2012, Josh completed his first documentary Bernadette, which premiered at the Arclight Theatre in Hollywood and has since landed distribution. After a fruitful 2014 living in “Sin City,” Josh now finds himself working as the sole copywriter for Peter Lik, as well as freelancing on a number of outside projects, including screenplays, articles, and business development concepts.

Adrian Zupp
Australian import Adrian Zupp is a career writer/journalist/editor. He has written for a variety of publications and websites including Billboard magazine,, Inside Sport (Australia) and the Boston Phoenix, and held various senior editorial positions. He is also a published fiction writer. His ad copy has appeared in The New York Times Magazine and an array of national print campaigns. In 2004, he won a New England Press Association Award. Zupp earned his MA in writing from the University of Colorado where he also taught writing and literature.

Mark Thurman
Mark Thurman is Peter’s assistant in the field and the subject of the weekly blog feature “Riding Shotgun.” Prior to joining the team at LIK USA™ five years ago, Mark had established himself in the world of film, particularly music videos, as a production assistant, assistant cameraman, camera operator, casting assistant and casting director. He prides himself on his attention to detail, physical durability, and always having Vegemite at the ready for Pete.




Alec Cunningham
Knoxville, Tennessee, photographer Alec Cunningham balances her career in journalism with a dedication to perfecting her photographic technique. A writer for the Arts and Entertainment section of Blank Newspaper, Knoxville’s longest-running independent publication, she is also a regularly exhibited photographer in regional art shows. Cunningham’s technical and profile pieces have become a popular staple of Peter Lik Exposed.